What is the goal here?

The success of Butterfly Cash has been quite surprising.

There was not much of a roadmap to begin with as this was merely an experiment that, like a caterpillar going through metamorphosis, evolved into something much greater.

While we do not have a defined timeline, next up on our list of things to do:

  1. LP Incentives

  2. Single-sided $bCASH staking

  3. Community contests

  4. Explore the possibility of project incubation

  5. Explore the possibility of a community AVAX Validator

UPDATE 11/29/2022

While the above tentative roadmap has had some items checked off, and others that are still possibilities, the direction of bCASH has changed since its inception. Here are more items that are being considered in addition to the above:

  1. Governance token

  2. Foster development of a community of collaborative creators

  3. Liquidity Provision Program

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